‘SNL’ explains when it’s OK to wear blackface — never

Apparently, there is never an appropriate time to wear blackface — who would’ve thought?

Keenan Thompson spoke to a room full of Virginia government officials, who all unanimously agreed that Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax should resign due to multiple accusations of sexual assault raised against him. But when it came to blackface, the officials were a little (read a lot) confused about when it was OK to do so. 

Spoiler alert: It’s never OK.

Following Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring’s blackface scandal, Thompson wanted to make sure no other state officials had done the same in the past. He asked the room if anyone ever wore blackface before.

One hand that belonged to a man named Glen (Pete Davidson) sheepishly went up at first. He admitted to dressing up as Mr. T.

Thompson’s question opened up pandora’s box as he spent the better half of his time answering the officials’ ignorant questions on blackface.

“Does it count if you did it in the ’80s?” asked one attendee.

According to Thompson, and most likely everyone else in the world, yes. Yes, it does still count.

The rest of the scene depicted Thompson getting more agitated with clueless blackface questions like:

“What if you wore the blackface as a tribute? Like an homage?” 

“What if you were just goofing around with your friends?”

“What if the costume won a (blackest face) contest?” 

“What if the blackface was just part of your costume as a black person?”

None of those instances are acceptable circumstances for blackface, not even if “it was the ’80s!”


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