NFL owners dominate top 10 from sports world

Forbes magazine released its “Billionaires — Richest People in the World” annual list on Tuesday, and 22 billionaires from the sports world were included among the array of business professionals and entrepreneurs.

The top six sports billionaires were NFL owners, with one MLB owner and one NBA owner making up the top 10. 

Here’s a look at the top 10 billionaires associated with sports, according to Forbes. 

1. Stanley Kroenke, Los Angeles Rams owner (ranked 167th overall, $8.7 billion): The real estate and sports mogul is married to Walmart heiress Ann Walton-Kroenke. He moved the Rams to Southern California in 2016 from St. Louis, and the team reached the Super Bowl this past season. 

2. Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner (ranked 224th overall, $6.8 billion): Jones famously bought the Cowboys for $150 million in 1989 and turned the team into the $5 billion franchise it is today. He earned his early money as an oil wildcatter. 

3. Robert Kraft, New England Patriots owner (ranked 244th overall, $6.5 billion): Kraft bought the Patriots for $172 million in 1994, and the organization is now valued at $3.7 billion. His fortune comes from a paper-manufacturing conglomerate. Kraft also owns the MLS’ New England Revolution and holds a stake in the UFC. 

4. Arthur Blank, Atlanta Falcons owner (ranked 394th overall, $4.7 billion): Blank co-founded Home Depot in 1978. He also owns the MLS’ Atlanta United FC. 

5. Stephen Bisciotti, Baltimore Ravens owner (ranked 472nd overall, $4.2 billion): Bisciotti is the co-founder of Allegis Group, the world’s largest private staffing firm. 

6. Janice McNair, widow of former Houston Texans owner Bob McNair (ranked 546th overall, $3.8 billion): When her husband died in 2018, Janice McNair took over his assets. The couple bought the Texans for $600 million in 1999 — the same year Bob McNair sold his power generator company to Enron for $1.5 billion. 

7. Vincent McMahon, chairman and CEO of WWE (ranked 691st overall, $3.2 billion): McMahon bought the company that would eventually become World Wrestling Entertainment from his dad in 1972 and eventually turned it into a global moneymaker with $1 billion in annual revenue.

8: Bernard Ecclestone and family, former Formula One chief executive (ranked 715th overall, $3.1 billion): He now serves as Formula One’s chairman emeritus and is an adviser to the company’s board. He also part-owns Delta Topco, the parent company of Formula One Group. 

9. Arturo Moreno, Los Angeles Angels owner (ranked 745th overall, $3 billion): Moreno bought the Angels for $184 million in 2003, and the franchise is now worth $1.8 billion. He made his money off billboard advertising company Outdoor Systems. 

10. Gayle Benson, New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owner (ranked 775th overall, $2.9 billion): The widow of Tom Benson, Gayle Benson founded the thoroughbred horse racing company GMB Racing in 2014. 



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