Man becomes viral star of Michael Cohen testimony

Any way you slice it, the viral star during the congressional testimony of Michael Cohen was a pizza — and the hungry man eating it.

On Wednesday, the former fixer for President Donald Trump testified before a House committee, accusing his ex-boss of participating in a criminal conspiracy, which includes implicitly encouraging him to lie to lawmakers.

During the day of testimony, CBS reporter Ed O’Keefe went live from Washington right outside the House Oversight and Government Reform committee room, just as a man was trying to devour a pizza as quickly as possible.

The moment was captured by Twitter user Mike Uehlein, generating more than 99,000 likes. The clip shows the man clearly enjoying his pizza until he learns he’s eating on national television.

And thus the infamous “hallway pizza” or “pizza intern” was born, much to Twitter’s delight.

USA TODAY has yet to identify the man — or the type of pizza he ate. But his likeness is now famous. D.C.-area pizza shop &pizza created its own “Hallway Pizza,” which features spicy tomato, mozzarella, salami, pepperoni, Italian sausage, banana peppers and barbecue sauce.

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