Jay Bilas interviewed legendary halftime performer Red Panda

ESPN’s Jay Bilas has a reoccurring segment in which he normally interviews a college basketball player while walking the length of the court.

Well, he changed things up a bit this week while he was calling the Virginia-Virginia Tech game in Blacksburg, as he landed an interview with the legendary Red Panda.

If you’re not familiar with Red Panda, she’s the woman who travels the country with her unicycle and a bunch of bowls and performs halftime shows that leave the crowd in absolute awe.

Now, finally, we got to learn a lot about Red Panda the person, as Bilas shared the entire interview Tuesday night on Twitter:

Some key takeaways:

—Her mother is a high-wire walker and her dad does more trapeze.

—She’s a fourth generation acrobat.

—She’s been riding the unicycle since she was 7 years old.

—It took six to seven years to put it all together.

—She started by training six-to-seven hours a day, six days a week.

—She’s fallen off once and broke her wrist.

Thank you for this, Jay Bilas.

And here’s Red Panda is in action if you’ve never seen her at work:



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