Iceland tourists run from glacier collapse in video at Vatnajökull

Chilling video out of Iceland shows a tour group running to safety after a chunk of ice broke from the edge of a glacier, causing a crashing wave. 

The “enormous calving” was captured by a tour guide at Vatnajökull National Park in southeastern Iceland and shared on Icelandic tour company Hafjall’s Facebook page. Calving is relatively common in the area at this time of year, but guide and tour company owner Stephan Mantler said this was “exceptionally large” and close to shore. 

A video shows massive pieces of the glacier breaking apart, crashing into the water and causing a wave that rises and rushes to shore. People in harm’s way are seen running away. 

“Everybody who goes down there is briefed by their guides what to do in the event of a calving,” he wrote on Facebook but the sheer size and proximity of the break “made it a closer call than usual.”

Mantler said everyone was accounted for after the break, and no one was injured. 

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