Government shutdown, Toyota Supra, Jayme Closs: Here’s Monday’s top news

It’s only Monday, but a ton of news is already heating up. I’m Ashley Shaffer, your new guide to The Short List,¬†here to keep you up to date on the ūüĒ• news everyone’s talking about today.¬†¬†

But first, Canadians really are nice: Air traffic controllers in Canada sought to relieve some stress from the U.S. government shutdown by sending over 300 pizzas to their unpaid American counterparts. 

Government shutdown: Day 24

Speaking of airports, the partial government shutdown blew through the record of the longest ever in U.S. history over the weekend, and travel troubles are mounting. TSA reported a spike in worker call outs Monday with a 7.6 percent absence rate, causing airport delays and terminal closures. With political tensions around the shutdown rising, President Donald Trump said Monday that he rejected a compromise plan to reopen the government temporarily so that he could continue negotiating a $5.7 billion border wall with his Democratic congressional foes. Though there are few signs anyone is about to budge, here are five likeliest scenarios that could end the shutdown. Spoiler alert: None of them is likely to happen.

Kidnapping, homicide: Official charges in the Jayme Closs case 

Jake Thomas Patterson was formally charged Monday with killing a Wisconsin couple, kidnapping their daughter Jayme Closs and holding her captive for 88 days. Patterson, 21, faces two counts of first-degree intentional homicide, one count of kidnapping and one count of armed burglary. Police say he blasted open the Closs family’s front door with a shotgun, shot Jayme Closs’ parents to death and took the Wisconsin teen against her will. She was missing 88 days before being found alive late Thursday.

Hostages rescued at a UPS facility in New Jersey

Two women held hostage Monday at a UPS facility in New Jersey were rescued after police shot and arrested the suspect. The hostages, described by authorities as UPS employees, did not suffer serious injuries. The event unfolded as a reported active shooter situation after the suspect entered the Gloucester County UPS warehouse and barricaded himself in a room with the women. Police attempted to negotiate with the suspect, but he refused to surrender and was later shot and taken to a hospital. The suspect is believed to have had a relationship with one of the women, according to Gloucester County Prosecutor Charles Fiore. 

Real quick

  • “Jeff Bozo”: Trump took to Twitter to jab at Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ divorce¬†announcement.
  • Chris Pratt put a ring on it and is engaged to¬†Katherine Schwarzenegger. If you’re wondering if Anna Faris has¬†any ill feelings about it, the answer is no.¬†
  • Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul,¬†one of the fiercest political critics of socialized¬†medicine,¬†is traveling¬†to Canada for hernia surgery.
  • A 6-year-old¬†was found walking to school with a handgun in his pants.¬†Police confiscated it.¬†

LA teachers strike back: ‚ÄėThis is our Armageddon‚Äô

The wave of teacher strikes that has rocked education for the last 11 months reached a crescendo early Monday, as educators in the nation’s second-largest school district took to the streets of Los Angeles. The 34,000 educators are rallying for better pay, smaller classes, fewer standardized tests, charter school regulation and more counselors, librarians and nurses. The Los Angeles Unified School District, where the strike affects half a million students at more than 900 schools, is opting to keep its doors open while teachers protest outside. The district has offered teachers a pay raise, but has thus far ignored many of their other demands. 

Dead cars come back to life

The 2019 Detroit auto show kicked¬†off this week with media previews, and there‚Äôs already a new trend emerging: Nostalgia. Dead cars will rise again¬†as Chevrolet, Ford, Honda and Jeep¬†all plan to resuscitate models discontinued years ago. Now it‚Äôs Toyota‚Äôs turn: This week, the automaker will reveal the long-anticipated return of the Toyota Supra, a sports car that gained a cult following among Generation X in the 1980s and 1990s. Can’t get enough auto news? There’s a newsletter for that.¬†

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