Fort Worth, Texas scaffolding incident leaves several injured

A scaffolding and construction elevator incident in Fort Worth, Texas, resulted in several injuries and dramatic video of a worker dangling from a building on Wednesday.

The incident apparently occurred after a construction elevator outside of a building partially collapsed, Fort Worth Fire Department spokesman Mike Drivdahl said. The accident left one person critically hurt and two others injured.

Video and photos published by local television outlets NBC 5 and CBS 11 show a worker dangling from a building, reportedly in connection with the incident. 

The construction worker was tethered to the building and was able to pull himself to the roof without injury, NBC 5 reports, citing MedStar ambulance. 

The person who was critically injured in the incident was a pedestrian who was struck by debris, CBS 11 reports.

Bricks and debris were left scattered along a sidewalk next to a multistory building following the incident. Authorities are investigating the cause. 

Contributing: The Associated Press

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