Dick Vitale calls for Rick Pitino to get second chance to coach again

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Early in the second half of Saturday’s Florida State vs. Louisville men’s basketball game, ESPN broadcaster Dick Vitale started defending former Louisville coach Rick Pitino.

“I hope he gets another opportunity,” Vitale said of Pitino. “We live in a country of second chances.”

Pitino was fired from being Louisville’s basketball coach in October 2017 after the program was implicated in a federal bribery and fraud investigation.

In his monologue during Saturday’s game, Vitale said Pitino’s mistake was the “hiring of two assistant coaches.”

“If he gets that second opportunity, it’ll be win, win and win,” Vitale said.

Pitino was the Louisville head coach from 2001-17.

Florida State defeated Louisville 80-75 in overtime.

Twitter wasn’t a fan of Vitale’s comments.


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