Derek Jeter and the others on the 2020 ballot

With the 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame class announced Tuesday, we can look ahead at the ballot for 2020 – headlined by longtime New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter.

High-profile holdovers include Roger Clemens (59.5 percent this year), Barry Bonds (59.1), Curt Schilling (60.9) and Larry Walker (54.6).

It will be the eighth year on the ballot for Clemens, Bonds and Schilling, while Larry Walker will have his 10th and final opportunity to win 75 percent of the vote needed for election.

The players debuting on the 2020 ballot retired after the 2014 season and it’s not a particularly deep group beyond Jeter.

Here are the top newcomers on next year’s ballot ranked by career Wins Against Replacement:

Derek Jeter (72.4 WAR) – .310 career average, 3,465 hits, 14-time All-Star, 5-time World Series champion

Bobby Abreu (60 WAR) – .395 career OBP, 8 seasons with 200+ hits, 2-time All-Star.

Jason Giambi (50.5 WAR) – 2000 AL MVP, .916 career OPS, 440 home runs, 5-time All-Star.

Cliff Lee (43.5 WAR) – 2008 AL Cy Young, 4-time All-Star, 2.52 ERA in 11 postseason starts.

Rafael Furcal (39.4 WAR) – 3-time All-Star, 2000 NL Rookie of the Year, 314 steals.

Eric Chavez (37.5 WAR) – 6-time Gold Glove winner.

Josh Beckett (35.7 WAR) – 3-time All-Star, 7-3 with 3.07 ERA in 14 postseason games, 2003 World Series MVP.

Brian Roberts (30.4 WAR) – 2-time All-Star

Alfonso Soriano (28.2 WAR) – 7-time All-Star, four 30/30 seasons, fourth player in history with 40/40 season (2006).

Paul Konerko (27.7 WAR) – 7 seasons with 30+ home runs, 6-time All-Star, 2005 ALCS MVP.


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