Charles Barkley supports Tom Izzo after Michigan State coach’s tirade

The biggest debate after the first day of the 2019 NCAA tournament was about Michigan State coach Tom Izzo furiously screaming at Aaron Henry during the Spartans’ first-round win against Bradley, 76-65. Henry’s teammates had to step between the two.

It had talking heads and fans on Twitter debating whether it was right to act like that toward a player for a teaching moment — Henry himself endorsed a Cris Carter take on “First Things First” (he was fine with what Izzo did) with a tweet of a bulls-eye emoji.

Charles Barkley weighed in during Friday’s pre-tournament TV broadcast, calling out people — specifically, experts “on other networks” — who criticized Izzo:

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“One of the reasons Tom Izzo is one of my favorite coaches (is) he coaches his team. I was so disappointed to hear all these jackasses on other networks complaining about a coach coaching his team,” Barkley said.

“Coach Izzo, you keep doing your thing. It’s all right for a coach to yell at a player. When did we get to a point where every time a coach yells at a player, it becomes a national emergency?”




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