Chaotic scrum almost ruins Tom Brady postgame interview

Tom Brady won his sixth title with the New England Patriots, defeating the Rams 13-3 in Super Bowl LIII.

As Brady took the final kneel-down to seal the game, an enormous rush of photographers and media converged on the Patriots quarterback. As is customary in these situations, the game’s broadcaster gets the immediate postgame interview.

That task got off to a chaotic start for CBS as sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson attempted to conduct the interview amid the the scrum of media and personnel. Because Brady seemingly told CBS to hold on with the exclusive interview as the broadcast was ready for it, the rush of people only grew larger by the second.

Wolfson’s mic was live for the entirety of the scrum. Viewers could hear a voice say, “Jesus, are you alright? Just stay tight, alright?”

Wolfson, to her credit, stayed with Brady in the difficult circumstance and eventually got that postgame interview.

Great job from Wolfson.


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