Catholic dioceses in Texas list 286 priests credibly accused of abuse

Catholic dioceses throughout Texas on Thursday identified 286 priests credibly accused of sexually abusing minors as far back as 1941. 

Altogether, 14 state dioceses, including Dallas and Austin, released one of the largest collection of names since the Pennsylvania grand jury report last July. The diocese in Fort Worth began listing credibly accused clergy online in 2007, but the other 14 Texas bishops promised to release names after a meeting last September. 

Texas bishops listed the names to help victims heal and rebuild trust, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese said. He apologized in a statement and urged people to report any abuse.

“The crime of sexual abuse of minors is a grave crisis in the Church,” DiNardo said. These sins have done great harm to the victims of the abuse and have deeply wounded the body of Christ, the Church. Those victimized by the clergy over the years need and deserve our prayers, outreach, and support.” 

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The names of credibly accused Texas Catholic priests can be read on the diocese websites below: 

  • Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston listed 40 priests since 1950. 
  • Archdiocese of San Antonio listed 53 priests since 1941. 
  • Diocese of Austin listed 22 priests. 
  • Diocese of Amarillo listed 30 priests since 1950. 
  • Diocese of Beaumont listed 13 priests. 
  • Diocese of Brownsville listed 13 priests since 1965. 
  • Diocese of Corpus Christi listed 26 priests since 1950.
  • Diocese of Dallas listed 31 priests since 1950.
  • Diocese of El Passo listed 30 priests since 1950. 
  • Diocese of Fort Worth listed 17 priests in its latest update in October. 
  • Diocese of Laredo found no credible allegations since its founding in 2000.
  • Diocese of Lubbock listed 5 priests since 1983 
  • Diocese of Tyler listed 1 priest since 1987. 
  • Diocese of Victoria listed 3 priests. 
  • Diocese of San Angelo listed 13 priests since 1961.

The lists follow waves of clerical abuse scandals and cover-up allegations, as about 50 dioceses and religious provinces have released names of nearly 1,250 credibly accused priests. Another 30 dioceses are investigating allegations or have promised to release names. 

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