Benches clear as his team gets into fight during rout

LaMelo Ball returned from a prolonged absence with a broken finger to lead Spire Institute to a 102-83 win against Springdale Prep at Towson University in Maryland.

But the game will also be remembered for the fight that ensued in the second half.

Midway through the second half with Spire up 69-50, the ball was deflected out of bounds after Springdale Prep attempted a shot. A Springdale Prep player then used his elbow to initiate contact with a Spire Institute player as the teams reset. It prompted pushing and shoving and then a cheap shot punch from the same Springdale Prep player. Both benches cleared as the teams confronted each other with coaches and officials trying to separate them.

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Ball appeared to stand outside the scuffling group, often raising both hands above his head as he watched. (Fight starts at 8:41 in the video below.)

During the game, Ball was his typically selfless self, often deferring to open teammates for an array of high-flying dunks. 

Ball finished with a double-double on the night with 14 points and 12 assists. 

He left with an injury on a dunk later in the game and did not return.


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