Amtrak weighs restoring Detroit-Toronto train service

A passenger rail connecting Detroit and Toronto is up for discussion in the future.

According to Curbed Detroit, Amtrak presented a plan and grant request to Congress for fiscal year 2020 that including a line item labeled, “restoration of the Detroit-Toronto Service.” As for funding, the report listed it as “TBD.”

Amtrak’s annual report submitted to Congress did not include a construction timeline.

“Amtrak is exploring places it can modernize and expand its services and network,” Amtrak Spokesman Marc Magliari told Curbed Detroit. “A Chicago/Western Michigan–Detroit–Toronto corridor is one of the services where we see promise.”

Currently, there is a tunnel bus service that connects downtown Detroit to Windsor and then VIA rail to Toronto.

According to Curbed Detroit, in 2015, Congress allocated $1.8 billion for Amtrak through 2020.

At one time, trains to Toronto, Detroit, and New York City ran through a 1907 train tunnel located about a mile west of the Detroit-Windsor car tunnel.

Rail service between Detroit and Toronto ended in the late 1960s, prior to Amtrak, which was not established until 1971.

The last Detroit-New York train last ran in 1979.

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