All 31 Ad Meter-winning commercials from 1989 to 2018

Super Bowl LIII is still two weekends away, but we already know the Clydesdales are back, CBS has rejected a medical-marijuana spot and Gillette stirred some controversy with an ad that seemed planned for the Super Bowl but won’t air during the big game.

Devour frozen foods will have a 30-second “food porn” ad in the third quarter that has a corresponding uncensored 60-second version on YouTube, and it’s NSFSB — Not Safe for the Super Bowl.

You can start voting for your favorite Super Bowl Bowl LIII ad right now.

Since its debut in 1989, the USA TODAY Ad Meter has featured many amazing Super Bowl commercials.

Here are all the spots that have been crowned Ad Meter champion.

1989: American Express, “Saturday Night Live” (Ad Meter rating: 7.52)

1990: Nike, “Announcers and athletes” (8.17)

1991: Diet Pepsi, “New jingle spreads around the world” (8.52)

1992: Nike, “Michael Jordan/Bugs Bunny” (8.51)

1993: McDonald’s, “Jordan, Bird shoot hoops” (9.0)

1994: Pepsi, “A chimp experiment goes awry” (9.34)

1995: Pepsi, “Boy gets sucked into Pepsi bottle” (9.66)

1996: Pepsi, “Coke driver nabs Pepsi” (9.42)

1997: Pepsi, “Pepsi bears dance to Village People tune” (8.22)

1998: Pepsi, “Flying geese” (9.08)

1999: Budweiser, “Dalmatians get different jobs” (8.01)

2000: Budweiser, “Rex the dog recalls worst day” (8.09)

2001: Bud Light, “Cedric’s dream date goes awry” (8.63)

2002: Bud Light, “Romantic evening goes awry with satin sheets” (9.11)

2003: Budweiser, “Football-playing Clydesdales turn to zebra referee to review call on replay” (8.99)

2004: Bud Light, “Owners demonstrate how their dogs fetch Bud Light” (9.04)

2005: Bud Light, “Pilot jumps out of plane for six-pack of Bud Light after skydiver refuses” (8.65)

2006: Bud Light, “A secret fridge stocks Bud Light” (8.39)

2007: Budweiser, “Crabs worship Bud ice chest” (8.56)

2008: Budweiser, “Dalmatian trains Clydesdale to make beer wagon team” (8.73)

2009: Doritos, “Crystal ball sees free Doritos” (8.46)

2010: Snickers, “Octogenarian actors Betty White and Abe Vigoda play in a casual football game” (8.68)

2011 (tie): Bud Light, “Dog sitter puts dogs to work” (8.35); Doritos, “Dog’s revenge for Doritos teasing” (8.35)

2012: Doritos, “Dog bribes cat owner” (8.82)

2013: Budweiser, “Horse and trainer reunited” (7.76)

2014: Budweiser, “Puppy Love” (8.29)

2015: Budweiser, “Lost Dog” (8.10)

2016: Hyundai, “First Date” (6.90)

2017: Kia, “Hero’s Journey” (7.47)

2018: Amazon, “Alexa Loses Her Voice” (7.18)


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